Introducing Mary Claire’s Bistro & Bakeshop’s new line of Infused Water and Grab & Go Smoothies


I’m so pleased to announce two new additions to our menu at Mary Claire’s Bistro & Bakeshop –  Infused Water and Smoothies!

What is Infused Water? Simply put, it’s water that has been steeped with fruit, veggies, or herbs so that the flavors, vitamins, and nutrients are infused into the water.

Why offer it? We all know about the benefits of drinking water, how being hydrated improves your health and helps to naturally flush toxins from your body. We know that drinking the same old thing can get old pretty fast. But drinking infused water makes it easier, not to mention tastier, and has some added nutritional benefits as well.

Our infused water flavors include: Cherry Lime, Citrus Blueberry, Cucumber Mint, Strawberry Melon, and Pineapple Mango.

We have also added several new Smoothies to our menu. Many of us have a hard time consuming all of our fruit and vegetable servings each day. And, often times it is a challenge for many of us to eat a full breakfast each morning. Smoothies are great way to do both – to get in some extra servings of fruit or veggies and eat something nutritious at the beginning of the day.

Our new smoothies come in a variety of delightful flavors, including: Strawberry Banana, Raspberry, Strawberry, Wildberry, and Mango.

If either of these sound interesting, please stop in and give them a try!

I look forward to seeing you soon!!

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