Wedding Cake

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Simple Buttercream cakes (wedding and Stackers) $3 per serving (min. 20 servings)

Hybrid cakes (Wedding and stackers) $5 per serving (min. 20 servings)

***Buttercream cakes with simple fondant additions such as fondant bands, minimal fondant applica work, stars on wire, fondant bows, simple flowers etc.

Full Fondant Fancy cakes (wedding and stackers) $6 per serving (min. 20 serving)

Fondant covered cakes with fondant decorations

Sculpted cakes *** wholesale price varies according to difficulty $9 and up (min. 20 servings)

***Gum paste flowers price will very dependent on detail and difficulty

*** Sculpted figures start at $75.00 and vary dependent on difficulty and detail